Our Process

Developing a strong and reliable bond line takes the skill of a capable surety agent and your participation. As surety specialists we are dedicated to helping you show the very best side of your company and team to the surety. We know how the surety operates, what questions they will ask and how to best present you to the underwriter to bring them onto your team so that you get the bonding needed to secure work.

Face-to-Face Meeting

We take a very personal approach and prefer to start every relationship with a face-to-face meeting. During that meeting we will get to know each other and can then decide whether we are a good fit for each other. Also, we will discuss your future bonding needs to help us determine the best way to proceed through the bonding process. Many times we can even give you a very close estimate of your bonding capacity in that first meeting when financials are available. See the Team Members that will be helping you.

Gathering Information

Tools are important in every trade and in the surety industry your information becomes the tools we utilize to get the job done for you. We want to be your trusted advisor so we expect for you to freely share all information both positive and negative and let us do the work of putting it together to present to the surety.

Depending on how much bonding you need we will determine how much information is required. Smaller bond needs may only require credit scores while larger more complex bonds or bond lines may require very detailed company and personal information. However, we will always ask for information about experience, finances and your future growth plans to better understand your needs and capabilities. See our Forms Library for the forms that we typically use.

Analyze Information

As we collect your information we determine how much bonding you would likely qualify for and what surety would be the ideal match for you. If there are any issues we will alert you to them and start working on solutions. With most of us having prior underwriting experience we know how the surety will evaluate your business before we even submit anything to them

Submission to the Surety

Once we have enough information to determine your likely bonding needs and identify a surety that will be a good match, we make a submission and propose bonding capacity that fits your needs. Having many “A” rated sureties gives us many options, but due to the sensitive nature of your information we are very selective in choosing the sureties we share your information with.

Meet with Underwriter

In some cases it is beneficial to meet with an underwriter. This will always be the case if you are a regular user of bonds or if you need a large bond line. For many small contractors it is unnecessary, but if requested then we will provide a face-to-face meeting with the underwriter.

Bond Line Established

At this point, the underwriting process will be complete and you will be given an answer as to how much bonding capacity you qualify for. You can now request bonds using the bond request worksheet in our Forms Library. Also, you can now receive bondability letters from us for any prequalification needs.

Bond Execution

We have a very qualified and friendly staff with everybody being licensed and capable of handling nearly all bonding needs without involving any of our surety producers. However, when complicated situations arise the full team is available to get your bonds done and delivered to you! See the Team Members that are ready to help you.